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Why Choose Local

We are a Fixed-Wireless Internet Service Provider.

Internet Service

Don't wait for wired providers to dig in the dirt, or run cables overhead. We use various wireless technologies to connect you to the Internet.

Streaming Live TV

Pick your favorite streaming service, or ask us for a recommendation. Stream all of the video you like, with no data overages or throttling!

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi services take the stress out of configuring, and managing wireless equipment. Let us set you up with a system designed to fit your home or office!

VPN Services

Working from home has become exponentially more important since COVID-19. Our network supports all major VPN services.

Movie Streaming

Online streaming has never been more convenient, but relies on a reliable Internet service to work properly. Our system works with all major content providers.

Friendly, Local Support

We're family owned, and live in your community. We truly strive to support our neighbors.


Free Standard Installation with 2-year Commitment!

We know how important your budget is, so we’re offering customers free standard installation on all new Internet plans!

Why Choose Us

There’s fast, and then there’s air fiber fast

Since we deliver carrier-grade fiber connectivity via the airwaves, you don’t have to deal with the big guys with poor customer service, or wait for them to dig in the dirt to eventually get you connected!

99.9% Proven Reliability
We know important your connectivity is with us, and we truly strive to have the best uptime in the business!
Parental Control & Safety Kids
With all of the online threats out there today, take advantage of our managed Wi-Fi solution which offers Bark protection built right in, to keep your kids safe.
24/7 Automated Monitoring
Our system is configured to monitor every single device within our network, and notify if there is an issue. This enhances reliability, and gives you the best Internet experience around!
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