Don't wait years for fiber providers to dig trenches... Just to provide bad customer service, when you can have fiber delivered over the air!
Connect to the things that matter. Powering safer, smarter, more secure, and quicker experiences for you and everyone around you.
Plans starting at only $59.95/month, with FREE installation, and a FREE wireless router!




Managed WiFi

About Us

We are your neighbors, and we empower people through technology.

We know how important reliable, high-speed Internet access is to you.  We are always working to improve your Internet experience!

Affordable Access

We do our best to provide a solution that fits the need for speed, and the budget.

24/7 Automated Monitoring

Our system is set up to monitor every device on the network, 24 hours a day, and notify technicians if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Years Serving Tulare County

Free Standard Installation with 2-year Commitment!

We know how important your budget is, so we’re offering customers free standard installation on all new Internet plans!

Our Features

Reliable Internet access with truly unlimited data

Ultra fast Connection

With plans up to 1Gbps, we have your need for speed covered!


Save money with Voice over IP service with providers such as Ooma!

Streaming TV

Pick your favorite streaming service, or ask us for a recommendation. Stream all of the video you like, with no data overages or throttling!

Local Support

We're family owned, and live in your community. We truly strive to support our neighbors.

A simple, reliable, and affordable solution for unlimited Internet access

Don’t waste time dealing with the big cable or satellite companies.  We’re your neighbors, and we’re ready to get you connected!

What we offer

We are a Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider.

You may have heard the term WISP before – We are a Wireless Internet Service Provider, and one of the early pioneers in the business, and have well over 25 years of experience in communications.

Internet Service

Don't wait for wired providers to dig in the dirt, or run cables overhead. We use various wireless technologies to connect you to the Internet.

Movie Streaming

Online streaming has never been more convenient, but relies on a reliable Internet service to work properly. Our system works with all major content providers.

VPN Services

Working from home has become exponentially more important since COVID-19. Our network supports all major VPN services.

Safe & Secure Connection with firewall protection.

We have multiple solutions to help protect our customers.  Let us do the heavy lifting, and make sure you’re set up properly.

Customer Service

We have friendly, local staff, who are here to help answer any question or concerns you may have. We're just a phone call, or message away.

Ticket Support

Create a ticket with us after hours, and a technician will respond as quick as possible to address your issue!

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi services take the stress out of configuring, and managing wireless equipment. Let us set you up with a system designed to fit your home or office!


What they say about us

Our customers love doing business locally.

Our Blog

News & Articles

In this area, you will find all the latest news and articles posted by some of our staff.


New Coverage

We’re constantly working to improve and expand our network into areas where there aren’t many options available.  Currently, we’re deploying gigabit Internet connectivity to downtown

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