Frequently Asked Questions

We install an antenna and radio on your roof that is directed at our nearest access point radio. We then run an outdoor UV-Resistant network cable from the radio on the roof down through an exterior wall of the house. The end of the cable we run into the house then plugs into a small power injector. This box provides power to our integrated unit on the roof, and is also where you will connect a computer or router.

  1. Site survey
    • The technician will locate the best location to mount the equipment using a pre-provisioned radio unit.
  2. Installation of the mount, antenna and dish
    • This will be attached to the roof, the side of the house or a post in the yard, dependent on the best location for service.
    • Cable will be run from the antenna and into the house through an exterior wall.
  3. The technician will help you set up the router (not provided), and will ensure the connection is stable


The technician will provide you with an estimate and service agreement to sign, and answer any questions you may have about the service.

First, we recommend our rebooting process, which goes as follows:

  • Unplug the power supply from the wall outlet that powers your outdoor radio unit.
  • Unplug your wireless router’s power supply
  • Wait a couple of minutes
  • Plug in the power supply that powers the outdoor radio unit
  • Plug in the router power supply
  • Wait a few minutes for the radio to establish a link, and for your wireless router to fully boot, and then try connecting again.


If you’re not online after that, call our tech support line at (559)734-8601, or create a ticket to begin troubleshooting.

All of the services we offer are able to support streaming. It is important to know the system requirements for services like Hulu and Netflix, because each has its own requirements for bandwidth needed for streaming videos reliably.

  • 0.5 Megabits per second – Required broadband connection speed
  • 1.5 Megabits per second – Recommended broadband connection speed
  • 3.0 Megabits per second – Recommended for SD quality
  • 5.0 Megabits per second – Recommended for HD quality
  • 25 Megabits per second – Recommended for Ultra HD quality (4k)


If you are experiencing issues with Netflix, login to your Netflix account and find “Your Account & Help.” Then select “Manage Video Quality” and adjust your streaming to “Good Quality”

  • 720p – a minimum of 3.5Mbps downstream bandwidth
  • 480p – a minimum of 1.5Mbps downstream bandwidth
  • 360p – a minimum of 1.0Mbps downstream bandwidth

We have never had data caps, and do not plan to! We dislike being limited as to how much you can download as much as you do! Just pick a plan that best fits your needs, and enjoy what the web has to offer without being confined to a strict data transfer limit!

Unfortunately, due to FCC regulations on Wireless Internet Service Providers like us, we are confined to lower radiated power limitations and require line-of-sight to one of our Access Points within range of your home or business. Trees, buildings, and other obstacles block or degrade this signal and may make servicing your particular location impossible.

Our service is prepaid, so upon installation, you will prepay for a month of service, plus installation.  Your next bill will be more, but contains the remainder of the month’s service, plus the upcoming month to get everyone aligned with a due date that falls on the 1st of the month, and allows additional time to pay.  After your second bill, you can expect the same amount every single month, with no ridiculous surcharges or fees.